When do the Tulips Bloom?

Flower Vendor at Pike Place Market

We get asked this question a lot, are the tulips out yet? A couple of weeks before our tours start we make a few drives out to the fields to get a sense of which areas are planted as they rotate the fields they plant.

This year each of the display gardens (Tulip Town and RoozenGarde) will be open Easter Weekend, though we anticipate it’ll be a few days later before the hundreds of acres of tulips will be in bloom.

Most questions about what to do, where to go, what to see, how to get here, and the like can be answered by visiting www.tulipfestival.org.

This year’s “bloom map” appears near the bottom of their home page and each field which blooms will ‘light up’ on the map to help us know when and where to go. There’s also an interactive map with GPS coordinates to help those navigate the area that chooses not to take our tours.

Feel free to call us at 425-516-8838, email us at info@shuttertours.com, or ask you questions here, but we’ve learned that most of your questions can be answered by spending a few minutes at the above website for tulip bloom info.

The tulips are almost here!!! We can’t wait…..can you?!

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