Seattle’s Top Photo Spots – Updated

Seattle's Top Photo Spots

We have been working on Seattle’s Top Photo Spots for some months and have added more content to the ever growing book. This is an e-book designed to bring with you on your mobile device or print off the locations you want to visit before you arrive in Seattle.

This is not just your average E-book, but something we have spent close to 100 hours on from shooting to researching to editing the top photo spots in the city of Seattle.

Many features are included:

  • Professional design
  • Tips to shoot each location
  • Locations link to Google Maps
  • Links to Flickr for photos taken in the area
  • Works with iPhone and Android
  • Composition ideas for each spot
  • Photos to give you ideas for your art

Below is a page directly from the book, so you have an idea of the content. You can download a free sample of the book at this link.

For only $9 order the book here

Seattle Top Photo Spots Sample Page

Seattle Top Photo Spots Sample Page


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