Seattle’s Fishermen’s Terminal

Fisherman's Terminal sign in Seattle

Working on one of our special projects for upcoming tours and our e-book, Shutter Tours owner Terry spent an afternoon exploring Seattle’s  Fisherman’s Terminal. Famous for the location where the Deadliest Catch boats can be seen in the off season, it’s a fun place to explore with your camera.

Boats at Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle

Being the premier fishing commercial fishing homeport on the West Coast, there are lots of commercial boats to see from 30 to 300 feet long. It is an interesting walk along the docks with a camera in hand and nothing short of lots of photo subjects. From large crab boats, to purse seiners to long line boats the variety of boats is pretty impressive.

On this particular day the sun was out and the temperature hovered around 70. Many of the crew members were busy maintaining their boats , so the port was pretty busy.

In the future Shutter Tours will have a tour here, in the meantime you can check out our e-book for this and other locations in the city.

Old crabbing boat at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

weird perspective with Nikon 10.5mm lens of sailboat at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

Canadian Goose at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

See more images after the break.

crab pots on old boat at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

water reflection at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

Large fishing boats at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

Boat and nets at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal

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