5 Reasons to Take Our Tour When Visiting Seattle

Seattle Skyline by Ben Goode

#1 – A Tour Gets You Acquainted with the City

When you first arrive in a city, you are in unfamiliar territory and its sometimes hard to figure out exactly where you are. By taking our tour, you’ll travel around the city and get an idea of where you want to explore. Even if  you take the tour at the end of the stay, its one way to end your trip on a high note.

#2 – Your Tour Guide Can Give Great Suggestions

Not sure where to go for dinner? How about the best museum or club to check out? Who has the best coffee in the city? All these questions a tour guide can answer for you. Its a wonderful way to learn about these great place from locals on your vacation to Seattle.

#3 – Learn the Top Photo Spots

If you are into photography, you’ll surely want to know all the great places to go to take your best photographs. Maybe you want to know where the best alley is to shoot or where to take a great souvenir family photo. Not only do we go to some of the most picturesque locations, but we can direct you to places of interest. You can also purchase our book “Seattle’s Top Photo Spots” from Apple for your iPad to help you learn more about the great spots in the city. Your new photo skills will help you take excellent pictures the rest of your vacation.

#4 – Forget Fighting Seattle Traffic

Our driving tour lets you kick back and simply enjoy the view. Seattle is a maze of one way streets and rated one of the worst areas in the U.S. for traffic. We can help alleviate that frustration for you and do all the driving.

#5 – You’ll Meet Other Travelers

Meeting other people traveling can also be good for information on things they may have experienced.

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Our tours depart daily for a hotel pickup or the Pike Place Market and you can book with ease online. For those of you that have a large group, we offer custom tours and discounts for groups of four or more on checkout.

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