Tell me more about Shutter Tours

Owner Terry Divyak has been a photographer since his teenage years, selling and displaying his photos before he was even out of high school. On a trip to New York in 2007 he was looking for a tour that would cater to photographers. Not one that would require being in a bus going 30 miles an hour past a landmark, shooting through a tinted window. Unable to find one, he set out in the city on foot and explored on his own.

Coming back to Seattle, he continued his street photography hobby of 15 years, but had in the back of his mind that he would love to share what he sees in Seattle with other photographers. For six months he tried different routes throughout the city that would encompass multiple points of interests, with the ability to teach composition skills at the same time. Through careful planning and working with various companies to develop a trademarked brand name and hiring a business consultant, the idea solidified in early 2009.

Shutter Tours is proud to be entering our eigth year as a top rated travel company in 2016. We are again excited to share with our customers the city we love and help feed our own addiction of photography. We hope you join us in your travels.