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2013 Shutter Tours Walking Tour E-Book (.pdf format)

Shutter Tours Walking Tour Ebook

Our walking tours are limited to a few short months during the tourist season due to weather unpredictability. Many of our customers have called expressing an interest in taking the tour during the off season, so we decided to lend a hand by creating our second ebook for our signature walking tour. Shutter Tours Walking Tour EbookThough you will not get the hands on experience of having a Photo Guide next to you during the tour, this will give you some great tips and hints for getting your best shots on your trip to Seattle. Just like on our tours, we "Focus" on getting you to the most picturesque locations and helping you become a better travel photographer.

Professionally laid out like that of a magazine, we have worked to create a book both informative and with wonderful visuals to help you get a sense of the locations you will be visiting

Our book begins at the Pike Place Market in Post Alley, where you will learn a number of techniques including how to get your best exposure when working in a difficult lighting situation.

Shutter Tours Walking Tour Ebook

You'll then learn effective ways to shoot the infamous Gum Wall, Post Alley and Harbor Steps.

The book will then show you how to get some great angles shooting the 47' tall Hammering Man at the Seattle Art Museum, Bus Tunnel and Benaroya Hall and the Chase Building

Shutter Tours Walking Tour Ebook

The Waterfront is your next destination with lots of great subjects to shoot to help get that "Northwest Feel" in your images. The final stop at the Pike Place Market allows you to combine all you learned at the previous locations to make for memorable travel photos.

This is a book that can be followed as written or mix it up and just choose the locations you are interested in.

This also makes wonderful companion to our other ebook, "Seattle's Top Photo Spots" which can be ordered by going to SeattlePhotoTour.com.

Order your copy now of our walking tour Ebook for only $15.00

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Seattle Shutter Tours Photo E-book