The Ultimate Family Vacation

Aquilara Family of Guatamala

The vehicle the Aguilar family use on their journey

Antonio Aguilar of Guatemala had a dream to see the world. With a family of 4 children to provide for, was it just too big of a dream to realize? To undertake a journey of this size would be a lasting experience his family would never forget. Out of the frustration, he was seeing in his children’s education; he decided the time was right to let his wife know of his novel idea. Something to not take lightly, she needed to be on board 100%, and the two of them agreed it would be a full learning experience for the children.

I had the chance to meet the Aquilar family when they visited the Pike Place Market earlier this year. They were all beaming on that beautiful Seattle spring day, standing next to their odd looking Kia SUV. They had a large map showing their route, having just returned from Alaska, with Guatemala as their starting point. Intrigued, I needed to know more and spent the next five to ten minutes listening to the story of their travels.


Selling many of their possessions and furniture, they made the decision to fulfill their dream of seeing the world. Friends and family said they were crazy and would not make it long. But with the help of people along the way, they have been able to continue with donations provided along their journey.

Aquilar Family Journey via Shutter Tours

January 19th, they left Guatemala with their northernmost destination, Alaska. Following a route through California along the coast of the Pacific to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and finally to Anchorage, Alaska. They have been able to navigate the journey relying on an Atlas and maps to take the shortest routes. Also, people have helped along the way acting as guides.

Aquilar Family Journey via Shutter Tours

Their vehicle is packed with everything they need for the trip, including items they may need for a medical emergency. They consulted with a Doctor who showed them how to administer their care in case of an emergency. They each have enough clothes for a week using local laundromats. Sleeping areas amount to state parks, in the car and hotels where they explain the project, usually utilizing a single room.

Aquilar Family Journey via Shutter Tours

Currently back in Guatemala, they are leaving on June 10 for the next leg of their journey, South America. Antonio sent the accompanying images and shared that he will continue to update me on their progress as time allows. I look forward to seeing more photos from their dream family vacation.

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