360 Degree Views of Pike Place Market

360 Degree View of Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market © Bradford Bohonus

Everyone at Shutter Tours are certified photo junkies and I would bet that all of our employees are either thinking about photography or working on images as I write this. Part of the purpose of the blog is to share the wonderful city of Seattle, especially the market area.

As I was searching for some historical information on the market, I was reacquainted with Bradford Bohonus’ website, VR Seattle.  One photo that really caught my eye was a shot of an empty Pike Place Market at night. His image is perfect in every detail and I almost feel as if I am standing at the market as I view this, with Rachael the pig as the lone sentry to the entrance. It’s hard to imagine 10 million people coming through the market every year, when it is so desolate and quiet in this photo. The scene is very similar to the one I remember seeing as I was standing across the street on First and Pike, right where the white truck is, hearing the chants of “The Whole World is Watching” during the WTO riots. I’ll have to dig those images out of my archives and share them. It was truly a surreal moment as a photographer here in the city.

Mercedes Yaeger runs the Seattle Ghost Tour and you can imagine what it would be like to take her tour at night and hear ghost stories while you are standing at this location.  My wife Rosanne and I took her 9 PM tour and enjoyed a wonderful experience.  She’s fun and a great story teller. We have no problems suggesting other tours by the way. Each is unique and we feel ours stands on it own merits as do the others.

One note, in the photo linked above, the area where the two bicycles are locked to the fence, is the meeting place for the beginning of our tours.

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