Sequim Lavender Tour

Sequim Lavender Tour

We think this will become one of our favorite single event day tours. The Sequim Lavender Tour was on a perfect July day with light winds, blue skies and the smell of Lavender everywhere.

When we first arrived at Washington Lavender after our trek across the water on the Washington State Ferry, we were treated to a demonstration on how Lavender Oil is made.

Lavender Oil Process

Using a process of loading the cut lavender into a large stainless steel drum, seven large bundles of cut Lavender are loaded and stomped in a technique similar to grapes in a barrel.

Once the Lavender is compacted, a lid is put onto the bin and steam and pressure are applied to begin the distillation process.

After about 13 minutes, one will start to smell the lavender and this smell is an indication that it’s time to get ready to draw the Lavender. The vapor containing the oil and steam is then condensed and the oil and water are separated and the oil starts bubbling into a glass tube, whereas the water is separated via a stainless steel tube.

In the final photo, you can see where the oil is then drawn into a simple quart mason jar which will then be put into a dark warehouse for a year to age.

In the third image in the series, the stainless steel container is completely filled with Lavender, yet only yields about a quart of Lavender oil.

Washington Lavender Tour

We also enjoyed the many activities available at Washington Lavender including the vintage cars, music and activities where our tour participants were able to make Lavender wreaths.

Lavender Wreath Making

Next stop was the farms of Jardin du Soleil and what a wonderful stop it was.

Jardin du Soleil in Sequim, WA

There was so much to see here and explore. Our customers really enjoyed hearing the bagpiper while he played with a wonderful backdrop of Lavender behind him and the assorted vintage cars and large fields made this a perfect destination to stop at.

Bagpiper in Lavender Field at Jardin du Soleil in Sequim, WA

We stopped at another field and then it was time to eat and do a little bit of shopping, so we headed back to town to get in a bit of retail therapy and see if there was some local food and products we could purchase.

Then it was off to our next and final destination and our favorite stop of the day, Purple Haze Lavender Farms. 

purple haze farms

This farm had everything one could hoped for from the ability to pick your own lavender, Lavender Margarita’s, nice picturesque fields and music by the talented musician Geoffrey Castle.

Geoffrey Castle

All in all this was a wonderful day and our customers were happy with the photos they were able to take and an adventure that one can only enjoy unless you want to fly to the Lavender fields in France.

Purple Haze Lavender Self Pick

If you are coming to the Seattle area in 2014, we will be providing this tour again and we cant wait to share this wonderful tour with you.


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