Skiers and Seattle are a Perfect Combination

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Time is precious, and with so much world to discover it’s had to choose how to spend it. If you’re torn between an active holiday in the mountains and the exciting lure of a city, why not combine the two? Head to Seattle for your next holiday, and you won’t be disappointed; with three resorts within a 100mile radius and plenty to explore within the city, there won’t be time to get bored. And if you’re willing to travel a little further, there are several more resorts to choose from.

The biggest and best

If you’re an experienced skier, the most significant three resorts close to Seattle will no doubt suit your requirements, especially as they also happen to be three of the closest resorts to the city. The Summit at Snoqualmie, just over 50 miles east of Seattle, is home to three main ski areas – Summit West, Summit East, and Summit Central – as well as the vast back bowls to be found in the Alpental area. Summit Central caters for groups of mixed abilities with a little bit of everything (including an award-winning terrain park), while Summit West is better for beginners. Summit East, on the other hand, calls itself an ‘adventurer’s paradise.’ So whether you’re looking for a fun terrain park, cross-country skiing, beginner’s slopes or amazing runs, Snoqualmie is sure to have it. While day trips are available at Snoqualmie, there’s so much mountain on offer that it’s likely that you’ll want to stay there for longer. That might be sound like an expensive addition to your city break, but there are plenty of ski deals you can check out to help you get more from your budget.

Head a little further south of Snoqualmie, just over 80 miles southeast of Seattle, and you will find Crystal Mountain. This resort is the largest in the state of Washington and is set up for day trips. A single day will cost an adult $74 to access all the lifts, or for $320 you can get a five-day pass. The lift passes are very flexible and will give you exactly what you want, so if you only want to use the chairlifts, backcountry it’ll only cost you $280 for five days. The resort offers a whole range of runs for beginners and advanced skiers alike, as well as a lot of snowfall and backcountries to explore, much like Mount Baker, a resort 89 miles north of Seattle. While Mount Baker only has eight chair lifts, it’s got a vast expanse of backcountry on offer so you won’t feel that it’s lacking in space.

Small but perfectly formed

If the hustle and bustle of the city has made you crave something a little quieter and on a smaller scale, there are a number of options to choose from. Hurricane Ridge, 108 miles northwest of Seattle, can be found in the Olympic National Park. Due to its size, it is cheaper than some of the larger ski resorts and is an ideal spot for families and beginners, while also offering some beautiful and exciting un-groomed mountainside for more experienced skiers and snowboarders. It’s also got a small terrain park for a little bit of added excitement, as does White Pass. White Pass is another small resort, found 129 miles south of Seattle. It’s further away and has just six chair lifts, but there is a fair amount of cross-country skiing for those who want to spend a longer appreciating the beautiful mountain scenery, as well as the Wenatchee and Gifford Pinchot National Forests.

For those with cash to splash

North Cascade Heli-riding is the most luxurious skiing and snowboarding available in the area. North Cascade can be found 174 miles northeast of the city, and the company has a free range of 300,000 acres of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. This is perfect for those on the hung for some incredible, untouched powder.

Whether you want to spend just one day skiing, or to follow your city break with a whole week in the mountains, the ski resorts around Seattle provide a huge range of options from which to choose. If it’s a family holiday that you’re booking, Summit Central or Summit West might the ones you go for, but if you’re looking for real adventure, your best bet lies with North Cascade or Mount Baker. Whatever it is you want, you’re sure to find the perfect mountain resort to complement your holiday in Seattle.

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