General Questions

Do you require advanced reservations?
Yes, you will need to book online or contact us at 425-516-8838
Can we buy tickets the day of the tour?
Please call us at 425-516-8838 for day of tour ticket availability. We close all ticket selling 12 hours in advance for scheduling purposes.
What is your cancellation policy?
We offer a full refund up to 48 hours before your tour starting time.
What if the tour is canceled?
We will only cancel a tour under extreme circumstances and offer you a full refund. We have seen examples where tour companies cancel due to low ticket sales. We understand how difficult travel planning is and believe once you book your tour, we should fulfill our obligation, whether it is fully booked or just a single participant.
What if the day or time I want to book a tour is not available?
Please contact us at 425-516-8838 to see if we can accommodate your request with additional staffing.
Where do we meet you to begin the tour?
All tours starts at the Pike Place Market Information booth located on the southwest corner of 1st and Pike Street at 10 AM. Just look for the big market clock to locate the info booth, which is just a few steps east of where the clock and Rachel the pig are located.
I'm a photo geek, why take the tour?
A couple of reasons, we love to hang out with photo geeks like yourself and you'll probably be surprised be the amount you'll learn from our guides and the different perspectives they provide. Our staff encompasses real world expertise from a destination wedding photographer, food photographers to a rock and roll and swimsuit photographer. They have all been hired because of their extensive travel photography and experience traveling abroad. You'll also learn a lot about the city of Seattle and have the time to shoot each location, versus a normal walking tour that is focused on getting to the next stop.
What if it rains?
Well it is Seattle, so we do get times when the weather is less than cooperative. Our tour route can change based on the weather conditions. Check the weather report and dress accordingly.
What about wheelchair and strollers on the tour?
Our walking tour that takes us through alleys, steps and cobblestone streets along with a crowded Pike Place Market, wheelchairs and strollers are not allowed. Our tour bus is unable to accommodate wheelchairs, but strollers can be kept in our luggage area.

Driving Tour Info

What time can I expect to be back?
Your arrival time from the Snoqualmie Falls tour should be somewhere between 1:30 and 1:45 PM at our drop off point of the Pike Place Market. Please let your guide know if you have time contstraints beyond these times as these are estimates. Seattle traffic can be unpredictable at times.

Equipment Questions

Do I need an expensive camera?
No, 8 out of 10 people who participate in our tours use a simple point and shoot camera. We have even had people use iPhones, disposable and film cameras. Of course we get the professionals that are dedicated to photography with their high end SLR's, but this is not a requirement.
Can we bring tripods?
Tripods are allowed on our tours. Tripods are great for getting some night shots after the tour, so it is advisable to have them for your trip to Seattle, just not on the tour.
How many batteries should I have and how much memory?
Please bring enough batteries and have enough memory space to shoot 250-300 images. We have had some people not fully charge their camera batteries and be unable to shoot, so it is advisable to bring at least one extra. Due to the many variations of digital camera batteries, we are unable to provide extra batteries, but there are local camera stores where you can buy them ahead of the tour.


Do you accept checks?
Please contact Terry at 425-516-8838 to make arrangements for sending in a check. We also accept the following credit card options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, when you book your tour and enter in a quantity of four or more participants, the system will automatically give a 10% discount. If you have more than 8 participants for a particular day, please contact Terry at 425-516-8838 so the reservation system can be adjusted to accommodate additional participants.
What if we miss our plane and cannot make the tour on our date?
We are more than happy to work with you on getting you rescheduled to a new date, provided we are not sold out and our guides are available.

Miscellaneous Questions

Are bathrooms available?
We are always in close proximity to public restrooms throughout the tour.
Can we bring tripods?
What will the weather be like?
Seattle is one of the best places to be during the summertime. It seldom gets over 90 degrees and or below 50. Cold winds do come off the Puget Sound and we do get our share of rain as you might have heard. It is advisable to protect yourself and your gear in case of rain.

Tell me more about Shutter Tours

How did this all get started?

Owner Terry Divyak has been a photographer since his teenage years, selling and displaying his photos before he was even out of high school. On a trip to New York in 2007 he was looking for a tour that would cater to photographers. Not one that would require being in a bus going 30 miles an hour past a landmark, shooting through a tinted window. Unable to find one, he set out in the city on foot and explored on his own.

Coming back to Seattle, he continued his street photography hobby of 15 years, but had in the back of his mind that he would love to share what he sees in Seattle with other photographers. For six months he tried different routes throughout the city that would encompass multiple points of interests, with the ability to teach composition skills at the same time. Through careful planning and working with various companies to develop a trademarked brand name and hiring a business consultant, the idea solidified in early 2009.

Knowing he could only be successful by hiring the absolute best employees, he put on ad on Craigslist, which generated a response of over 80 applicants in one day. From these applicants came our two original employees that are still with us today, Valentina Vitols and Kristi Lloyd. With their guidance and business smarts, we have all worked as a team to build what we feel is one of the finest tours in the city.

Shutter Tours is proud to be entering our fifth year in 2013. We are again excited to share with our customers the city we love and help feed our own addiction of photography. We hope you join us in your travels.